Holistic career coaching to help busy professionals design a  
fulfilling, burnout-free career & life

If this sounds like you, then

You’re in the right place

Despite everything you’ve tried, you’re still teetering on the edge of burnout… You’re ready for a long-term fix that allows you to reclaim your peace of mind, joy, and well-being. 

You’re tired of waking up every morning dreading your workday… You dream of waking up excited to go to your fulfilling & engaging job. 

Your work stress has seeped into your life and is negatively impacting your well-being and your family… You’re craving a stress-free job that allows you to be your best, present self for the people you love.

Everyone tells you how much they admire your ability to “balance it all,” but the truth is that you’re barely treading water inside… You’re ready to enjoy better work/life balance so that you have more time for yourself, your family, and your friends. 

You suffer from some burnout-risk traits such as imposter syndrome, perfectionism, HSP, ADHD, or people-pleasing… You’re ready to learn new coping mechanisms so that burnout stops following you around from job to job like a personal rain cloud.

Big, complicated problems, like spending 80,000 hours of your life working and not liking your job, Need big, creative solutions.

That’s where holistic career coaching comes in

Meet your coach

Hi, I’m Lydia Johnson, MS

I’m a holistic career coach, and I can help you redesign your career 

I’m on a mission to help ultra-busy professionals, especially my fellow working parents, create happy careers that give them more time, space and energy to do what they love.

I’m a dual-certified holistic career coach with an MS in Industrial-Organizational psychology, meaning I take an evidence-based, mindfulness-centric, and creative approach to your biggest problem:

What the hell are you going to do about the fact that you spend over 1/3rd of your waking hours at work… and you hate it?

private, holistic career coaching package

Design your
thriving career

Ready to finally rebuild your career into something that you love?

Using positive psychology, career fulfillment research, and action-focused exercises, my private career coaching program will help you redesign (or completely overhaul!) your career. Let’s design you a job that meets your day-to-day needs, aligns with your passions, AND gives you more time & energy for your rich life outside of work.

In this program, you’ll:

design your thriving career roadmap

Create a tailored career roadmap using self-assessment insights to guide you toward roles that fit your personality, strengths, and dreams. 

learn stress management & resilience tools

Learn science-based tools to bounce back from setbacks, nurture your well-being, and better handle work pressures. Walk away with a plan to keep your career sustainable for the long-haul.  

create healthy work/life balance & wellbeing

Let’s design a career that supports the rest of your life. We’ll create a custom plan to prevent burnout, set boundaries, and find the right work-life blend for you.

Uncover your career fulfillment criteria

Engage in creative self-exploration to find what truly fulfills you in your career. Leave with the clear decision-making to ensure your next career step aligns with your passions, skills, and long-term career vision.

create sustainable, future-proof habits

Cultivate habits for lasting career success. Establish routines that boost well-being, resilience, and prevent burnout. Stay adaptable in a changing professional landscape.

What’s Included:

12 one-on-one personalized coaching sessions

We’ll kick off with a goal-setting discovery session and keep the ball rolling with weekly or bi-weekly 50-minute one-on-one Phone or Video sessions.

Between session support & accountability

Unlimited email exchange between sessions, with optional email-based accountability check ins during the off-weeks.

Customized post-session notes & action plan

Walk away with every session with a personalized action plan including take-home exercises, resources, and notes holding all of your key insights. 

Plus, these bonuses!

Resource library access

I’ll share countless digital, interactive workbooks, worksheets, guides and resources curated recommendations related to career development, stress management, self-awareness, and well-being.

Free "Give Back" session

Free 1-hour “Give Back” coaching session; focused on empowering you to use your unique skills, abilities, and interests to help improve your community with principles from Effective Altruism and 80,000 Hours.

Mindfulness, Meditation, & stress management Techniques

Learn guided mindfulness and relaxation exercises to incorporate into your daily routine to promote stress reduction and mental clarity.

Curated book, article, & podcast recommendations

Receive personalized recommendations of all the best media related to career growth, mindfulness, and personal development so you can continue to learn and grow independently.


Career, stress & personality assessments

Access to online assessments and tests to help you gain deeper insights into your strengths, preferences, goals, and potential career paths.

Want even more support? JOIN MY VIP program

VIPs enjoy everything above PLUS…

2.5-Hour VIP Kick Off Intensive

Hit the ground running fast with an in-person (for those in Chattanooga) or virtual intensive dedicated to honing your coaching goals and immediately building stress management & well-being habits.

90-Minute Private Resume & LinkedIn Workshop

Enjoy extra time to deep-dive into your Resume & LinkedIn profile and learn all the latest on how to beat the ATS (applicant tracking systems). If you’re not job shopping, we can repurpose this time for another topic (e.g., enneagram debrief, leadership styles, habit change, etc.). 

continuation coaching sessions + Email Support for 12 months

Built-in support for 18+ months with two 50- minute continuation sessions that you can use for up to six months after our core package and unlimited email support for one year after.

Priority scheduling & rescheduling

Enjoy priority scheduling with dedicated session availability held for only VIP clients and unlimited (including evening and weekends), penalty-free last-minute cancellations. 

Feedback on resume, linkedin & cover letters

Get unlimited reviews for detailed personal feedback on your resume, LinkedIn, cover letter, etc.

“Before coaching I was extremely burnt out, stuck in my career, and feeling aimless in life. I’m only a few sessions in and I’m already feeling a new sense of awareness of what I value in life and work. I’m looking at career paths that better overlap with my needs and discovering activities to get more of what I need in my daily life.

– Maddie P., Employee relations consultant

Have questions?

I’ve got answers:


This program adapts to your pace. Plan to hold 50 minutes every other week for our coaching session and at least 30 minutes for homework.

Most clients complete the base program in 3-6 months and the VIP program in 6-8.


If you’re ready for deep reflection & growth then you’re ready for coaching!

If you’re currently struggling with trauma, abuse, or other crises then you may be better served by therapy at this time.


Private career coaching is an investment in your future.

My private career coaching packages start at $2,900.

For reference, packages like these typically range from $2,000-$10,000+.

Financial Accessibility

I offer monthly payment plans for all of my packages, brining the monthly price down to only $484.

I also offer a Fast Action discount for anyone who registers within one week of our consult call.


Limited scholarships are available for those facing financial hardship.

Please inquire about my scholarship options during our free consult call.

Ready to start thriving?

Book a free consultation to design your custom coaching journey

Schedule your FREE 30-minute consult call to learn more & discuss the best custom coaching path for you. No commitment is necessary.


Stories from real clients about the changes they’ve seen in their careers and lives.

David K.

I hired Lydia because I wanted to analyze my life in a way that I struggle to do on my own.

Working together feels like being with a scientific expert. Coaching helped me not just to imagine a future, but to plan it out meticulously. This helped me to see the potential life change for what it actually would be.

Overall, this process has made me more mindful, gain acceptance for my situation, and be happier. I feel that I’ve achieved greater focus and a better grasp of what I am in control of in my life.

Amber T.

Highschool Teacher in Chattanooga, TN

When I started coaching, I hoped to find answers and advice for what to do next in life. What I found is that I had all of those things within me. I realized that external validation doesn’t feel as good as having a deep inner knowing. I gained the confidence to ask for what I need in both personal and professional settings.

I learned to trust myself and made the decision to walk away from a job because it wasn’t what I wanted anymore. My expectations were far exceeded because I gained more than I had dared to hope for.

Maddie P.

Employee Relations Consultant in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Before coaching I was feeling extremely burnt out, stuck in my career path, and a sense of aimlessness in life.

I’m only 5 sessions in and I’m already feeling a new sense of awareness of what I value in life and work through Lydia’s discussions and exercises.

What has been especially helpful is identifying my values and needs, mapping activities to meet them and get more of them in my life, and looking at what career paths overlap my different needs.

Laine A.

Caregiver in Nashville, Tennessee

Through coaching with Lydia, I learned how to speak to myself more kindly and how to differentiate helpful and healthy thought patterns from more toxic and unhelpful ones.

One big breakthrough I had was the idea that I am already in the process of creating my “dream life.” I felt so far away from it beforehand, but Lydia helped me to see that I am in the active process of creating it, and that I have evidence to back it up.

We walked through what my dream life looked like, and she helped me see all the ways that I was already directly manifesting that in my current life. Now I feel like I can better enjoy my current life while still working on creating my next chapter.

Celeste C.

Human Resource Consultant in Atlanta, GA

Lydia was very thoughtful in her approach and did a great job explaining what the enneagram assessment was and how it could help me better understand myself.

What was great was she focused on how my personality traits show up in all aspects of my life, like home life, friends/family, and career/work. She then worked with me to devise a game plan on how I could improve areas of my life by leaning into my strengths and followed up with additional resources and next steps.

Lydia is kind, understanding, and patient – she is a great coach who guides and supports your self-discovery journey!

Not sure yet?

Here’s my promise to you

If you’re still reading this, then it means you’re deeply craving a career that is sustainable and enjoyable. Your work is constantly stressing you out, leaving you overwhelmed and under-fulfilled constantly trying to balance it all while being on the bring of burnout. It’s time we got you out of survival mode and into a career and life that lets you thrive, OK?

After all, you only have one wild and precious life… do you really want to spend it stressed, burnt out, and dreading the hours of 9-5 (or 6 or 7 or 9PM) every weekday?

So, here’s how I make this as easy and risk-free as possible (I see you, my fellow risk-adverse human):

Begin with a risk-free consultation call, where within just 30 minutes, you’ll walk away armed with a tailored coaching curriculum and a clear understanding of your current career challenges – all in the time it takes for a quick dinner. Why not seize the opportunity?

By enrolling in the comprehensive program, you’re embarking on a journey that promises to reshape your professional and personal life. My confidence in the program’s effectiveness is unwavering, which is why I assure you that if at any point during our collaboration you feel the program isn’t providing the anticipated value you can cancel anytime during the first two months of our work together. Although this option exists, it’s one that I’ve never actually had to use, as my clients consistently remain engaged and happy throughout every step of the program.


What can I expect to get out of coaching with you?

We’ll invest significant time at the beginning of our coaching journey into creating a custom set of goals and outcomes for your coaching journey. Each of these is highly tailored and unique; however, here’s a general idea of what you can expect: 

  • As a coach, I aim to help you overcome burnout, stop the Sunday scaries, and design a more fulfilling life.
  • I’ll work with you to identify the root causes of your burnout and unfulfillment, and we’ll explore strategies and tools to help you overcome them.
  • You can expect to gain clarity on your values, goals, and priorities and to develop a plan for achieving them.
  • You’ll also learn techniques for managing stress, setting healthy boundaries, and cultivating mindfulness and self-care practices.
  • Ultimately, you can expect to feel more fulfilled, balanced, and confident in your career and personal life.
What are outcomes some other client's have had after coaching with you?

Everyone’s journey is unique, but here are a few examples of where my past career coaching clients have ended up:

Sometimes, clients decide it’s time to finally quit their jobs to pursue a lifelong dream, such as traveling the country (Maddie), hiking the AT (Chris), or exploring a new country with their family (Susan).

Other times, clients realize their current career is a good fit, and after carefully implementing new mindset shifts, work task changes, and new boundaries, they are happy with their current job (like David).

Some clients decide it’s time to pivot into a new career field, like Amber, Manning, or Hayley.

Some clients discover that while they’re working in a field that’s a good fit for them, they’re ready for a new company (like Deen).

Some clients decide to start a new job that helps meet their immediate needs and work towards their dream job in a longer-term career plan (like Marshall).

Why can't i hire you for just a few sessions or just to do my resume?

I offer a one-time session specifically dedicated to helping you beat the Sunday Scaries, which you can read about on my services page. 

Outside of this session, I only work with clients in packages because my goal is to help you overhaul your career into something that you can enjoy and that supports the rest of your life… and that type of big change doesn’t happen overnight! 

I also value creating a long-term relationship with clients so they have support and accountability throughout every career change and challenge they make– I don’t want to leave you high and dry without support! This also allows me to deeply understand my client’s challenges and better serve them as a career coach. 

What is your typical client like? AKA, who do you tend to work with?

I welcome anyone who can benefit from my holistic career coaching– creating safe, inclusive spaces is my number one priority. 

That being said, many of my clients are…

  • Fellow working parents or mothers who are exhausted from the pressures of trying to juggle work, children, and personal lives in a world that undervalues the invisible labor of parenthood and has double standards related to gender roles. 
  • Women or Female-identified professionals who are burned out from high-stress, unfulfilling jobs. 
  • Anyone who values an inclusive, LGBTQ+, and queer-affirming environment. 
  • Fellow neurodivergent or neurospicey humans who are navigating the work world with ADHD, high sensitivity (HSP), etc. 
  • Anyone looking for a holistic approach that considers their non-work life and personal needs.
  • Individuals who appreciate an evidence-based perspective from an unbiased and friendly coach. 
What if I want a refund, more sessions, or fewer sessions?

My goal is to be here to help you for as long (or short) as you need.

If you need fewer sessions, just give me at least one session’s notice (so we can conclude our coaching together), and I will refund your unused sessions.

No refunds will be given for used or sessions you do not use within our coaching agreement timeframe (8 months for the base package and 12 months for VIP).

If you would like to continue to meet after our initial package is used, we will discuss continuation package options to meet your needs. 

Isn't this kinda a lot of time, money, etc?

It depends! You spend over 80,000 hours working in your lifetime, so if that time is spent in a draining and unfulfilling job and career coaching helps you love your career again, then that’s worth an investment in your future!

Think of coaching as hiring a different professional or expert, like a personal trainer or a lawyer. I’ve invested substantial time and effort into building my expertise, which you’re gaining access to without having to jump through all the career, graduate school, and certification hoops!

If you truly cannot afford coaching, please email me to learn more about my payment plan options and scholarship availability. 

Can I "try" coaching out first?
Yes, I offer a free 20-minute discovery call for potential clients. During the call, we’ll discuss your current challenges and goals. I’ll provide you with some initial recommendations and strategies to help you get started on your journey toward career and life fulfillment. The discovery call is an opportunity for you to get to know me and my coaching style and to see if we’re a good fit. Please take advantage of this opportunity to ask any questions and understand what coaching with me might be like.
What are your credentials?

You can get a deep-dive all about me on my About page, but here’s the quick version:

  • I hold a Master’s degree in Industrial-Organizational psychology from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, which means I’m an expert in understanding how people think and behave in the workplace.
  • In addition to my degree, I am also dual-certified as a life and career coach. I’ve got an Executive Life Coaching Certification and a Designing Your Life Coaching Certification from the amazing folks at Stanford’s Life Design Labs, which means I know how to help you create the life and career you want.
  • I’m in the process of becoming an ICF-ACC accredited coach (expected in Spring of 2024). 
  • I have over 6 years of corporate experience as an internal & external HR consultant working with top executives to help them create healthier workplace cultures and improve employee engagement. This means I’ve seen the underbellies of dozens of workplaces, big and small, spread all over the globe. I’ve also experienced my own work stress induced by high-pressure corporate environments in a variety of industries (e.g., Saas, Federal, Higher Education, etc.). 
  • I’m also a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher, which means I know how to help you find balance and relaxation amidst all the hustle and bustle of work.

So, I’m a one-stop shop for all your career and life fulfillment needs!

Do you offer payment plans or scholarships?

  • I offer monthly payment plans to help make the financial cost of coaching feasible. These plans are flexible; ask me for details during our discovery call.
  • I also strive to make coaching accessible, so I offer a limited number of scholarships to help reduce the financial cost of such life-changing work. 
Who is coaching a good fit for?

Coaching is an excellent fit for people who are looking for support and guidance in reaching their goals, whether it be in their career, personal life, or both. If you’re feeling stuck or unfulfilled in your current situation, coaching can help you gain clarity and create a plan for moving forward.

Coaching is also an excellent fit for people who are open to learning and trying new things and are willing to put in the work to make positive changes in their lives.

Coaching is additionally helpful for people who could use an accountability buddy to help ensure they continue to make forward progress.

Who is coaching NOT a good fit for?
Coaching may not be a good fit for someone who is not ready to make changes or is not open to trying new approaches. If you’re not willing to put in the effort needed to intentionally redesign your career & life, coaching may not be the right fit for you.

Additionally, if you’re looking for someone to solve your problems for you or tell you what to do, coaching is not the right fit, because it’s all about empowering YOU to design your own life (with the help of ample tools, resources, & support from Lydia). Coaching is NOT a quick fix or magic pill.

How can I learn more?

Book a free 30-minute discovery call to ask all of your burning questions. Additionally, you can contact me via the Contact page, and I’ll respond via email as soon as possible. 

If you’d like to get to know me and my coaching style more first, you can also follow me on social (on instagram: or check out my About page.

Start your journey to a thriving work/life today.

Book your free consult call &
  Walk away with a tailored career coaching plan.


Look friend, you read all the way to the end. That’s a lot; I’m wordy… so you must be really craving some help with your career.

Let’s just meet IRL and you can ask me whatever questions you still have in person, okay? People call me “a friendly expert”. I don’t bite. I promise.