Holistic career coach for women & moms on the brink of burnout

Design a fulfilling, balanced career


Have you ever struggled with

burnout & career unhappiness?

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place.

Everyone sees you as a bad-a** high achiever (maybe even a “super mom”), but underneath the surface you’re frantically treading water

Your job consumes all of your energy leaving you completely drained at the end of the day with nothing left for your personal life and family

Work stress ruins your precious little free time because you’re constantly thinking about your to-do list and dreading the next work day

You feel trapped in an unfulfilling daily grind and daydream of a meaningful career that’s more aligned with your passions, skills, and interests

You crave a job with better work/life balance so you have more time, energy, and bandwidth for all that you love outside of work

What if, instead you…

Get to use your talents and passions every day at work

Mentally “clock out” after work and enjoy being present and happy with your family

Enjoy passionately diving into meaningful work projects

Have uninterrupted me-time to pursue hobbies and self-care activities that fill your cup

Finally create a healthy balance between work and the rest of your life

Love your fulfilling, sustainable, and rewarding career

This doesn’t have to be a daydream…

Evidence-based, holistic career coaching can help you design a career where you can thrive!


Holistic career wellbeing coach

Industrial-Organizational psychology consultant

Dual-certified coach

Matrescence expert

ex-HR professional


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Holistic career wellbeing coach

Industrial-Organizational psychology consultant

Dual-certified coach

Matrescence expert

ex-HR professional


I know from personal experience how draining it is to be unhappy with your job and the ripple effect that stress can have on the rest of our lives and our families. When you add work stress to the constant juggling act of balancing motherhood with a demanding career, it’s incredibly common to become completely burnt out. 

Never fear, I’ve got good news: It’s possible to create a fulfilling, balanced career that leaves more space for your rich personal life.

As a dual-certified career coach with a master’s degree in Industrial-Organizational psychology (the psychology of work & careers), I’ve helped countless women overcome their stress, burnout, and career challenges with evidence-based tools and strategies. But perhaps more importantly, as a working mom myself, you can trust that I understand your unique challenges. 

Suffering from high work stress?

Get help asap with the stress management starter kit session

Are you caught in an unsustainable cycle of constant stress, anxiety, and overwhelm?

Maybe you’re stuck in work mode long after you log off, drafting emails in the shower and rehearsing for meetings tomorrow when falling asleep?

Or, despite your best intentions, after work your stress levels are so elevated that you’re distracted and impatient with your kids and partner?

If this sounds familiar, it’s time to reclaim your peace of mind with my Stress Management Starter Kit coaching session. You’ll learn how to tackle your stress before it builds into a monster that leaves you feeling frazzled, anxious, and on edge.

In under an hour, you’ll learn why your mind and body stay in a constant state of high alert and practical strategies to relax the moment your stress levels start to rise. 

By the end of our session you will know…


Where you fall on the stress and burnout spectrum, helping you make informed decisions about your career & well-being.


Six proven psychology-based tools and mindfulness techniques to manage your stress in the moment and recover after stressful workdays.


Practical habit change strategies to help you integrate these tools into your daily life for lasting stress relief.

How the Stress Management Starter Kit works:


Instantly book your private coaching call for $97.


Complete a 5-minute stress & burnout assessment.


Hop on the phone for your 45-minute personalized debrief and coaching session.


Get a personalized action plan and a free Stress Management guidebook.

Ready for even more career support?

my holistic career coaching package can help with…

Career pivots, career change, & major life transitions

work/life balance, boundaries & healthy habits

Job search, interview prep, resume writing & linkedin support

stress & burnout recovery / prevention

Improve your current job with job crafting techniques

Client Success Stories
& Kind Words

Maddie P.

Employee Relations Consultant in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Before coaching I was feeling extremely burnt out, stuck in my career path, and a sense of aimlessness in life.

I’m only 5 sessions in and I’m already feeling a new sense of awareness of what I value in life and work through Lydia’s discussions and exercises.

What has been especially helpful is identifying my values and needs, mapping activities to meet them and get more of them in my life, and looking at what career paths overlap my different needs.

Amber T.

Highschool Teacher in Chattanooga, TN

When I started coaching, I hoped to find answers and advice for what to do next in life. What I found is that I had all of those things within me. I realized that external validation doesn’t feel as good as having a deep inner knowing. I gained the confidence to ask for what I need in both personal and professional settings.

I learned to trust myself and made the decision to walk away from a job because it wasn’t what I wanted anymore. My expectations were far exceeded because I gained more than I had dared to hope for.

Hayley S.

Creative Entrepreneur in Chattanooga

I signed up for coaching during a career transition. I had been fairly unhappy in my job and was looking for help to make a pivot towards a career more closely aligned with my passions. 

After coaching with Lydia, I have a better understanding and appreciation for my talents and how I can use them to make a difference. Both in a career and in life in general. I also find I have a healthier relationship with how much a career defines a person.

One of the biggest qualities I found very helpful when working with Lydia is her background in psychology. Being able to have a mindset that considers mental health and neurodiversity really made our coaching feel really productive and oriented around the whole person.

I also really appreciated all of her worksheets and follow-up emails that always included extra resources. 

Working with Lydia is a great opportunity to grow career-wise and personally. You’ll learn how to grow and pivot your career while focusing on making a long-term impact on yourself.

Laine A.

Caregiver in Nashville, Tennessee

Through coaching with Lydia, I learned how to speak to myself more kindly and how to differentiate helpful and healthy thought patterns from more toxic and unhelpful ones.

One big breakthrough I had was the idea that I am already in the process of creating my “dream life.” I felt so far away from it beforehand, but Lydia helped me to see that I am in the active process of creating it, and that I have evidence to back it up.

We walked through what my dream life looked like, and she helped me see all the ways that I was already directly manifesting that in my current life. Now I feel like I can better enjoy my current life while still working on creating my next chapter.

David K.

I hired Lydia because I wanted to analyze my life in a way that I struggle to do on my own.

Working together feels like being with a scientific expert. Coaching helped me not just to imagine a future, but to plan it out meticulously. This helped me to see the potential life change for what it actually would be.

Overall, this process has made me more mindful, gain acceptance for my situation, and be happier. I feel that I’ve achieved greater focus and a better grasp of what I am in control of in my life.

Kaylee G.

Entrepreneur in Boston

“I can do hard things” are words I couldn’t say whisper before I started working with Lydia. It’s not something I believed.
Now, almost 12 sessions into our Coaching Sessions, and I feel like I can shout it from the mountaintops. I actually think I say it every day.
The action steps (homework), links to articles, and references that Lydia has brought into my life have helped my confidence, direction, and gratitude. 
I’m grateful for everything I have learned so far with Lydia and her incredibly strong spirit.

Celeste C.

Human Resource Consultant in Atlanta, GA

Lydia coached me through an Enneagram session. She was very thoughtful in her approach and did a great job explaining what the assessment was and how it could help me better understand myself.

What was great was she focused on how my personality traits show up in all aspects of my life, like home life, friends/family, and career/work. She then worked with me to devise a game plan on how I could improve areas of my life by leaning into my strengths and followed up with additional resources and next steps.

Lydia is kind, understanding, and patient – she is a great coach who guides and supports your self-discovery journey!

Wondering if you’re in the right place?

Many of my clients are…

Working parents or women / female-identified professionals who are burned out from juggling high-stress, unfulfilling jobs with their busy personal lives

Seeking to either redesign their current job or totally overhaul their entire career

Are looking for a holistic approach that takes their non-work life into consideration

Individuals who appreciate evidence-based expertise from an unbiased and friendly certified coach

Interested in ensuring their next career move is sustainable and fulfilling for the long-haul

Fellow neurodivergent or queer folks looking for a supportive expert that understands their unique challenges. 

My Certifications

Fair Play Method Certified Facilitator

I’m certified by the Fair Play policy institute to help individuals implement the Fair Play system within their homes. This system, designed by the bestelling author Eve Rodsky, helps individuals reprioritize household, domestic, and caregiving labor in a more equitable and sustainable way. 

Designing Your Life Certified Coach

Designing Your Life is a toolkit inspired by design thinking that was birthed in the Standofrd Life Design Labs. As a certified DYL coach I can help my clients bring creative, innovative approaches to career transitions, networking, and major life decisions.

CTEDU Executive Life Coach

I’m certified at the ACC level through CTEDU, with a specalization in executive life coaching.